Single Visit Same Day Crowns

No Wait – Same Day Crowns

People ask if it’s possible to get same day crowns? The answer is YES! Not long ago, to get a dental crown your appointment would typically include having a dentist shape your tooth, taking a messy impression to be mailed off to a laboratory, being fitted for a temporary crown, waiting two to four weeks for a dental lab to fabricate your crown, then coming all the way back to the dental office to have the final restoration placed. No more!

Get Your Crowns in One Visit!

We offer Single Visit Dental Crowns using the state of the art CEREC Technology. No more poor fitting temporary crowns needed! No more messy impressions!

No more lengthy wait for a dental lab to fabricate your crown! And we get it all done in the same amount of time your first appointment would have been with a traditional crown procedure.

How it Works

With this new procedure the dentist shapes your tooth, takes a digital scan your teeth and how they fit together, digitally designs your new tooth, then your new white tooth is then milled out of a solid block of porcelain taking about 30 min, while you relax and enjoy our gorgeous views.

We can then cement the final crown on right away, no second visit needed. This saves time, money, and provides better fit and wear, with no worry or care.

Same Day Crowns Anchorage

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Make your plans now to take care of your teeth and get the crown you need. We will work with you to find the best time for your schedule to minimize any interruptions to your life and schedule. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today!

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