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Your First Visit

First General Dental Visit With Your Local Dentists

   Welcome to your first visit at Alaska Dental Group! We are delighted to be working with you to create a better smile. Our general doctors, Dr. Tom Wanat and Dr. Todd Sneesby, provide quality general dental treatments, such as teeth cleanings and fillings. Our prosthodontist, Dr. Mark McLean, specializes in adult treatments including dental crowns, bridges, and implants. We even offer cosmetic dentistry treatments for patients in need of teeth whitening, dentures and partials. Our staff provides a comfortable and pleasant office environment for you everyday. Feel free to relax and unwind as you receive our top-of-the-line dental treatments!

What To Expect At Your Initial Exam

   Your initial exam will last approximately one hour and 45 minutes. We will provide you with oral hygiene instructions along with suggestions to help you care for your teeth. In most cases, we will also clean your teeth on this visit and provide an evaluation that will outline your existing dental problems and proposed treatment.

Please Bring Your Insurance & Health Forms

   When you arrive for your first visit, please be prepared to complete all insurance and health information forms that will allow us to begin your dental treatment. We will ask you to fill out several forms that will get you acquainted with our office. Or if you prefer you can find the froms here on our website and fill them out before your appointment.

Information About First Pediatric Dental Visits

   By doing the following, we will make the first pediatric dentist visit as positive and enjoyable for your child as possible:
  • We will help your child get familiar with our doctors and staff in order to make him or her feel comfortable at all times. A pleasant, comfortable first visit builds trust and helps put the child at ease during future dental visits.
  • Let the child know that the doctors and staff will explain everything in detail and will answer any questions he/she has.
  • Children should be encouraged to discuss any fears or anxiety they feel. We are experienced in dealing with children with anxiety and can explain treatment procedures in a positive and pleasant manner to avoid any anxious or negative feelings toward dentistry.

  •    We will record the child’s dental and medical history, complete a comprehensive examination and discuss any findings with you. With our good dental health program, we help your child achieve and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile for life!